If you want to get the knowledge of physical universe (cosmic-everythingness) , then first it also requires to know the cosmic-nothingness (cosmic-zero “0). After such very prolonged-discussion on a revival vedic-knowledge (Cosmocellular-Knowledge) in this Cosmocellular-Hypothesis, if I had started with a page-number ‘0’, then again I would also like to end with ‘0000’ page-number, to explain the  truly-reality-showing infinitely “Nothing of Universe” or Cosmic-nonmolecularismness, through a little & innocent-attempt of knowing real-illlusion-making as finitely “everything of universe” or “Cosmicmolecularismness”. In other words, not only matter but knowledge is also evolved from such infinite Cosmic-Nothingness or  Cosmic-Zero or Param-Shunyam “0( परम् शुन्य ) & it again merges into same Cosmic-Nothingness. And hence, in order to approve the concept of infinite cosmic-nothingness (0), the first & the last page have deliberately been numbered as ‘0’ & ‘000’ , respectively. Also according to modern physics, total energy of the universe is ‘zero’ (0), i.e. according to Dr Albert Einstein’s equation  E =mc2:

Where E= energy, m = mass or momentum, c = speed of Light (i.e. light unit ‘Photon’ which is massless, means, zero-mass). In Latin, “C” is for Celeritas, means, “Speed“. Momentum, means, product (P) of the mass & its velocity (V); P = mv. So here, P = 0 x V.  P=0 (Zero). And Photon is also massless, so m = 0 (Zero). So, E = m (0) x C2 = 0 (Zero). And m = E (0) / 02 = 0 (Zero). In short, total cosmic-energy is zero, and total cosmic mass is also zero. Thus, it proves the Supreme Cosmic-Singularity of Cosmic-Zero (0), at both levels of total cosmic-energy & total cosmic-mass. Thus, total mass of universe is also ‘zero’ (0) according to M = E/C2.

After-all, cosmic-nonmolecularism and cosmic-molecularism are the two side of one & the same coin the ‘nature’. Because , as we have frequelty discussed in this hypothesis that our all ancient & modern knowledge, all scientific-laws & all numerical and mathematical-principles, are started / evolved from the ‘zero’ (0) itself; and they again end into ‘zero’ (0). And such zero knowledge even after knowing about the everything  of universe or knowing about some special-things (as known-but-unknown-state), is the true-cosmic-knowledge.  Where ‘zero’ (0) is the beginning of universe & end of the universe, beginning of all the knowledge & end of all the knowledge of world. So, thus, one who has really understood the Cosmic- Zero  (0), has truly got all the knowledge of universe. Thus, cosmic-everythingness (Veda or Vedic-Knowledge) is ended into cosmic-nothingness (Vedant).  

            At-last, according to great ancient Indian vedic-mathematician-cum-saint Shree Bhaskaracharya (& now also according to world-famous Indian mathematician-cum-astronomer Shrinivasa Ramanujan  as well as some  western modern  mathematicians), it is proved that  zero divided by zero is equal to infinity; with that, this infinity of universe is the eternity of the universe, and this eternity of the universe is the Almighty of universe.

Means, jointly according to ancient Vedic-science & modern-science (particles-&-waves-physics),— knowledge is the energy- (waves) & energy is the God, God is the energy–(waves) & energy–(waves) is the know ledge. Only this nonmolecularly, infinitely & universally (i.e. cosmocellularly) prevailed knowledge (nature’s super-intelligent-energy-waves) is able to create the molecular-based & finitely evolved physical-universe. Thus, knowledge itself is the nature’s intellectually-functional-form of the special-energy-waves, (e.g. a downloading & transforming of the information-data in computer’s hard-disc is the e-evidence of transferring of universally prevalent knowledge-quantum-waves. According to quantum-mechanics).  

As per modern-science,  99.999% of the universe is a nonmolecular dark-energy (knowledge), where only 00.001% is made-up of molecular-based physical-matter. After-all, matter is nothing but it’s a positively-charged energy-particles (mostly proton & graviton particles). Thus matter can neither create nor organize nor animate the matter, itself, according to nature’s universal-law of cosmobiogenesisness. Hence according to ancient vedic-science, there are not only four dimensions (height, length, width & divided-space-time) of the physical – universe/ matter, but there prevails total 36 dimensions of physical-universe/ matter, and among them,  the knowledge (constant-space-time) is the supreme-dimension of the physical-universe, which organises  the rest all the dimensions  of universe. And only this infinite knowledge remains constant before the creation & after the destruction of finite. Physical-universe, even not the divided-space-time (time-force) of different physical-universe/ matter, where the different divided-space-time of different physical-universes are the subsets of their Godfather-like constant-space-time (the cosmic-knowledge or cosmocellular-knowledge) .

 In short, this Cosmic-knowledge  i.e. Cosmic-Master-Mind (CMM) or Exobiological-Power-Point (·) ‘Supreme-Soul’ itself/Himself converts into superconscious-human-mind (SHM) or  biological-power-point (·) or ‘soul’ (Cosmic-DNA), alnogwith a cosmogenetically i.e. cosmobiophotoelectric or cosmoelectrophysiospirityal-replication of  His all the possibilities & potentialities. Hence, like God, nothing is impossible to His most loving son the ‘man’.  In short, jointly according  to vedic-science,  Nature’s-law of Time-Replication & 1st–Themodynamic-law  of , – energy (knowledge) —–> matter (absolute-event) —-> energy (knowledge),  how these both finite divided-space-time (of finite physical-universe/matter) & infinite constant-space-time (of infinite cosmic-energy) are responsible for a cyclically as well as in the exactly similar or identical-manner of the repitition of every same physical-universe, repitition of every same matter, repitition of every same event of the universe etc. etc., at the 30 billion years interval. That means, you have cyclically & repetitively come and will come in this world, at every 30 billion years, with your whatever  today’s  exactly same or identical (similar) physical-appearance with exactly repitition of your every event / thought (mental-waves) of your present life, according to nature’s patterns of cosmocellular-similarities.